Become A Thinker

Become a thinker participant, a part of the Think Group family.

What is a focus group?

A focus group is a discussion between a group of people (like a roundtable) in which they answer questions about their beliefs, opinions & attitudes towards a specific goods and services.

How do I get notified to participate in a focus group?

To get notified for upcoming focus group studies, register here in our database! This will allow us to email you pre-qualifying surveys and information about upcoming studies you might qualify for. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to view any upcoming studies.

Is my information going to be released to anyone without my consent?

We keep your information completely secure and private by abiding to the Market Research Association Code of Ethics. Think Group cannot and will not ever sell or release your personal information.

Once I’m selected to participate, how should I fulfill my duties as a focus group participant?

You are getting paid to share your opinions, so don’t be shy! We love hearing what you have to say. Be respectful and polite during the discussion. Please always show up on time for your scheduled focus group.

If you can’t make your scheduled focus group study time and have to cancel, please notify us ASAP so we can find your replacement. You could be disqualified from future studies if you are late or a no-show.

Can I pass on the news about upcoming studies to friends, family or coworkers?

Of course! We love receiving new Thinkers in our database.