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A division of Think Group Austin, become a thinker is a full service market research firm centrally located in the heart of Austin, TX. We specialize in new and innovative research solutions when managing your project. Our clients experience advanced project management and all-encompassing customer service at our facility. Think Group Austin is designed to incorporate leading edge technology, tailored focus group conference rooms, while maintaining an overall contemporary feel. With our highly skilled staff and our experienced recruiters, we guarantee to exceed your expectations time and time again!

With such a diverse group of people that live in our wonderful city, it’s no wonder why more and more companies are flocking to see what “Austinites” have to say.  We invite you to come and see what all the talk is about!


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Hispanic/Latino Recruiting

Our clients are learning that Become a Thinker has become known for our extensive experience in Hispanic/Latino recruiting and specialization in social, cultural, and ethnic research consumers.

We can successfully reach out to Unacculturated, Bi-cultured, & Acculturated Latinos for your project. Austin has a huge Latino population; we can guarantee the right Latino recruit will be found for you and your client. Our staff is bilingual and ready to assist you!

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